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Blender Bottle

Blender Bottle

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The BlendyWorks Bottle - Powerful  Portable Blender making it really easy to blend your favorite shakes and smoothies wherever you are. 

  • EASY TO USE - Simply fill with your favorite ingredients, seal the top and bottom, and press the button to blend.  
  • POWERFULL - Big blender performance in a compact size. Powerful enough to crush through nuts, frozen fruits and even ice cubes!
  • SELF-CLEANING - Fast and simple cleaning. Just add soap, water, and blend! Watch as it cleans itself then rinse afterwards.
  • WIRELESS CHARGING - Water resistant wireless charging. Up to 15 uses on a single charge.
  • DROP RESISTANT - Made with BPA free plastic. Great for saving our environment! 
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Common Questions


Capacity: 350mL

Charging:Wireless USB (Included)


Ice Compatible:Yes

Drop Resistant:Yes


Bottle Material:BPA free plastic

Dimensions:82mm*82mm*218mmBattery Capacity:1400 mAh

Blends on full charge:Up to 15 blends

Time for max charge:2 hours

Motor Speed:20000r/min

How does it charge?

The BlendyWorks botlle comes with a fast, magnet-assisted, wireless charging pad. It takes around 2 hours for the blender to be fully charged. Once fully charged, the bottle can blend 12+ times!

Can it blend ice and frozen fruits?

Yes! The BlendyWorks bottle's strong steel blades can cut through ice and frozen fruits.

Is it drop proof?

The BlendyWorks bottle is completely drop resistant thanks to its BPA free plastic material.

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